“People are tired of throwing their vote away. Do your elected officials listen to you or keep their promises? If elected, I promise that you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your time at the ballot box.”
– David J. Laughbaum

David Laughbaum fits the very definition of the American work ethic. He enjoys everyday on his cattle farm which helps put food on people’s tables.

As a member of the Emmet Planning and Zoning Commission, David is helping create vibrant communities. And as a member of the Sanitary Appeals Board, David is working hard to support landowners.

David graduated from Pellston High School. He attended North Central Michigan College and learned the value of a local education.

Farming was always his first love, but he wanted to care for others in a personal way. So he joined the American Red Cross and served as Mobile Unit Assistant.

A lifelong learner, David went on to pursue a passion as a licensed builder. An entrepreneur at heart, he is now a commercial and independent truck driver. These diverse experiences help David to understand the needs of people in many walks of life.

Now, David wants to work hard for you as your Michigan House Representative.